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Cooperating with the IE Misyurenko G.V.

Cooperation is an important part of the work of our production. We strive to produce not only the best hosiery products in Ukraine, but also to work only with the best and reliable partners.

We are interested in a long and successful partnership with wholesale buyers. For all the time of our work we successfully cooperate with large dealers, well-known trading networks, which are now our friends and reliable business partners!

Now we provide products in virtually every area of the country:


Cooperating with the IE Misyurenko G.V. You receive products with at least three advantages:

  • Products of European quality

«In production, we use only those materials that have been tested by an international testing system and certification Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which gives us an advantage among other manufacturers.

Use of modern equipment and quality control from start to finish allows us to create products of European level.»

  • Products that are waiting for each family

«We follow trends We constantly follow the world trends in technology and quality of hosiery. This gives us the opportunity to be relevant in the market. all that we do is unconditionally high quality and beautiful.»

  • Famous brand

«IE Misyurenko G.V. was founded in 1994, has a long history of innovation, high product quality and brand recognition. Since the first years of our company’s work, we have set ourselves the task of being the best in the hosiery market. We directed all our efforts to create really high-quality products and win trust among buyers. We succeeded. Now the production of our production is something that people want to wear.»

The most favorable partner conditions

In cooperation with us in your store, buyers will begin to find exactly what they were looking for. They will no longer need to go to your competitors.

  • Products are always in stock
  • Every month our designers develop new models
  • Our hosiery of European quality
  • All product groups (socks, golfs, leggings, tights, leggings) — male, female, children’s
  • Prices are lower by 10 — 15% than in others

Cooperating with the manufacturer Misyurenko GV, you will trade popular products.

We are always open to new partners and will be happy to cooperate with:

  • Trading networks
  • Dealers

How to start cooperation with Misyurenko G.V.

To enter into a partnership agreement, call the numbers in the «contacts» section, or send an e-mail with your phone number.

Our manager will contact you and all the necessary questions for cooperation and friendly relations will be identified in the telephone conversation.

After signing the contract, you will be assigned a personal manager with whom you will work.

Do not hesitate to contact us!