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hosiery products

About production


«The ultimate goal is to create a product whose high quality has never been created by us and even had no likeness to it. Therefore, the guiding principles of the manufacturer, Misurenko GV, are simple: to make the quality of our products surpass all expectations of the end user.»

That is why innovations are the basis of our production. The choice of the best European materials, modern technological equipment and the desire to create the best in the world of products is the key to our success.

The production base of our company consists of the new European equipment:

Knitting machines:

  • ТМ «LONATI» — Italy
  • ТМ «BUSI» — Italy
  • ТМ «NAGATA» — Japan

Sewing machines:

  • ТМ «CONTI» — Italy

Raw materials

Hosiery products are made from a combination of natural fibers of combed cotton yarn and synthetic fibers of polyamide and elastane.

100% cotton yarn of Indian manufacture, which passed sanitary and epidemiological examination according to the conclusion of the state sanitary and epidemiological expertise.

Because of the cotton pantyhose children have high thermal and hygroscopic properties, good air flow and absorb moisture. Tights for kids are very pleasant to the touch, soft and have a beautiful appearance.

Polyamide threads make pantyhose durable and wear-resistant. Pantyhose keeps shape well, does not crumple, is resistant to light and loses its bright color.

All yarn that is used in production passes obligatory control in accordance with GOST 15818-70 «Method of class definition for appearance» and DSTU 2535-94 «Yarn and mixed for knitted and weaving productions».

Quality control

«We control the entire production process from start to finish, paying special attention to the quality of our products.

A team of professionals works on all the smallest details to create unique, flawless quality products for you.»


The strictness to detail guarantees our products high performance characteristics and completely eliminates any manufacturing shortcomings.

P.S. We bring our products to perfection!