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«For us, the production of hosiery is not just the manufacture of jersey. We are really interested in creating bright and good products. Good taste, style and attention to detail is the secret of our success for more than 22 years.»

Best regards,
Gennady Valentinovich

How we are working

Production. This word hides the painstaking and responsible work of a whole team of specialists. Creating a bright model and selecting the best materials, professional production, impeccable quality control.

This is how we produce high-quality, bright and comfortable hosiery products European level.

But this is not enough for us. We constantly develop new solutions and try to achieve the ideal. Each time releasing a new collection We create it even more perfect and do not stop there.

«We turned the process into an art and we get pleasure from it. We like when all the details are thought out. Tastes of customers and European quality are taken into account.»

Misiurenko’s team tracks new trends, technologies of the world industry, and meets the requirements of European standards:

  • Modern Italian equipment
  • Only high-quality raw materials for production
  • Quality control at all stages of production
  • The desire to create the best product

We are inspired when our customers are satisfied. When it really creates the comfort and convenience of each step.

Our goals

We strive to become the best in the hosiery industry all over the world.

Yes, perhaps this is an ambitious goal. But our team every day with enthusiasm begins to achieve this goal. And so, at us it turns out!

As the whole country has become convinced of our products, it is confirmed by a large number of awards, necessary certificates of quality and approval by our customers.

Step to a great victory. Since 2016, our company plans to enter international markets and export its products in this direction.

In the international arena, we will prove that our products are worthy and have the right to fight for the leading positions around the world.

Our company takes an active part in various competitions and confirms its position as one of the best productions of hosiery in Ukraine:

Company Awards

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